Sex work is work.

It seems that even in today's progressive communities, the rights of sex workers are often left out of the feminist movement because there is still huge stigma and controversy around sex work.

In 2015, an open letter was signed by many major celebrities to urge Amnesty International to reconsider their proposal for decriminalizing sex work. In 2016 and 2017, the #NotAStripper hashtag was trending amongst pole dancers who wanted to distance themselves from the taboo of stripping. But the form of pole dance that is popular today was created by strippers. In 2018, FOSTA/SESTA was signed, a bill which intended to curb sex trafficking but actually increases the level of danger for sex workers. I urge you to read about why the criminalization of sex work and FOSTA/SESTA are harmful and contrary to women's rights.

I do not have experience as a sex worker. To learn about these issues from those who do, I recommend following Jacq the Stripper, Valerie Stunning or Amber Rose, to start. I have also included resources below which I've found educational. I still have so much to learn and am open for suggestions on how to be a better ally.

Harm reduction and advocacy organizations to donate to
Feminism 101: What is a SWERF?
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Tits and Sass - journalism by and for sex workers
The Industry - documentary web series empowering sex workers to tell their stories